Small Business Bookkeeping:
Monthly small business bookkeeping information and data processing service, including the preparation of monthly or quarterly VAT returns.

Move Beyond Bookkeeping Software Packages
Off the shelf Bookkeeping Software packages for small businesses provide limited solutions while forcing users to do mundane and complex data entry work. Go accounts offers an alternative, our accountants do the work for an affordable monthly fee.
Go Accounts the simple way to manage your books.
Go Accounts bookkeeping service takes the complex and make it simple, yet provides a comprehensive solution that free-up your time to focus on running your business.
Do you have a lot of time on your hands?
Do You currently spend time doing your own monthly bookkeeping data entry onto a computer? (a spreadsheet or off-the-shelf bookkeeping software?)
Go Accounts  offers you a more convenient and easier to use system. Our service will enable you to focus your energies and resources on your core business competence and the business mission - Spend your time Making Money instead.

Eliminate your IT task and costs:
No more bookkeeping software to buy, No more bookkeeping software to learn.
One of the benefits of the Go Accounts -envelope system is the opportunity to submit your business information from anywhere, all without having to make any new investment in software or infrastructure.

The envelope system How it works The 5 Step Process

  1. Put all your accounts paperwork Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices / receipts, bank statements etc. into the addressed envelope that we provide.

  2. Post it to us.

  3. We will do the agreed bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns. We then produce your monthly management accounts (so you know how well you're doing).

  4. We post it all back to you. including the reports and summaries

  5. Now start again with a fresh envelope for next month


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Our offices are at 83 Friar Gate, Derby, Derbyshire, East Midlands DE1 1FL

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